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. Dictionary > Istanbul - Eistinpoli     (Εις την Πόλη)

- What Istanbul means? Name and origin.



Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey. The name changed before some years ago from Constantinople (Constantinoupoli) to the currect name Istanbul. What really Istanbul means? Istanbul come from the Greek phrase 'Eis tin Poli'. In Greek read 'ei' as 'i' so now our phrase is 'Is tin Poli' and lets now united and become 'Istinpoli". Compare the word Istanbul and Istinpoli. Contantinople is two word (Constantinou + poli) in Greek version Constantinoupoli. 'Constantine' is name and 'poli' means city, so "The City of Constantine". Greeks for shortcut call Constantinople as Poli (City) and when they talk about Constantinople they say 'Eis tin Poli' (In the City). Till 1955 thousands of Greeks live in Constantinople (Istanbul) then follow a racistic crime of modern Turkey ( read more here: http://www.turkishmurderers.com/constantinople1955/ ). Turkey change the name to Istanbul. Turkish villagers since years ago here always the phrase 'Eis tin Poli' ( Istinpoli ) and the most Turkish population know Constantinople as Istinpoli but with Mongolic/Turkic accent and thats how become Istanbul ( Is tan bul ) - Eis tin Poli ( Is tin Poli). Name and origin.



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